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  2. Each board and functionality of them is due to the design of the board and firmware/software. Any valid points you might have can always be mentioned to Evolv at
  3. Wayneo

    Therion 166W doesnt work on windows 10 anymore?

    Those are the EXACT same links that are posted for the 250C board! Glad that you got your mod sorted out.
  4. puneet_july30

    Therion 166W doesnt work on windows 10 anymore?

    Here you go
  5. So my GF decided to build a LiPo Mech mod using the DNA 250C board. Her second day using it she texts me this: "I know this is probably going to make you mad, but I honestly wish I just bought a board with arctic fox. I cannot use a voltage curve or even disable punch/preheat immediately after taking a hit. Kinda upset. Seems really dumbed down compared to Arctic Fox. Every singke setting on here except themes was available on arctic fox, and it also had actual complex usable settings for wattage mode, which DNA completely lacks. I'm happy-- it's just ridiculous that even cheap mods have such basic settings that they not only didn't bother to include, but they didn't let you program your own features if they weren't willing to. I think the developers just got so obsessed with their temperature control thing that they forgot that handbuilt coils exist, and that, generally, they cant be made of temperature sensing materials-otherwise their resistance is too low..." That being said, I've had my Paranormal for nearly a year. I see that some settings are unavailable that would make the experience better, but I have no idea what to say to her. She has some valid points.
  6. Wayneo

    Duke 2 PMMA clear case

    If that were me, I'd reach out to VA and ask them directly. They do claim 'Hand-polished finish' OR because it's not DNA specific, look for a forum/group with more active modders
  7. Wayneo

    Therion 166W doesnt work on windows 10 anymore?

    Huh? Can you provide a link for that, please.
  8. zark

    Temp Sensing Detect...

    Я нахожу много неправильного и некорректного в самом алгоритма Evolv, по этому безошибочная работа тем, это несбыточная мечта!
  9. zark

    Temp Sensing Detect...

    Вопрос в том, какой вид продукта Вы пытаетесь создать? Если это продукт для массового использования, то попробуйте провести небольшой анализ тем других авторов. При этом Вы сами можете увидеть какое оформление больше нравится пользователям (по моим наблюдениям текстовые темы сильно проигрывают иконкам, это также связано с ограниченным размером экрана, а сокращения в тексте не всегда поняты и зачастую к сокращенному тексту нужно привыкать дольше, чем к иконке) Я сам не умею создавать иконки, и по этому мои первые работы содержали много текста, но они провалили тестирование у моих друзей, по тому что без длительного привыкания текст очень тяжело воспринимается. Не забывайте, что Вы как создатель прекрасно знаете как работает Ваш продукт, и по этому вы воспринимаете текст практически интуитивно, любой сторонний пользователь будет вчитываться и напрягаться, что бы понять. Вам как программисту должно быть известно, что к работе в иконками люди привыкают гораздо быстрее чем к работе с текстом. Ищите другой путь, это очень усложняет навигацию. Поверьте, большинство информации не нужно пользователю, если автор автоматизировал и сделал безопасными многие настройки. Удачи, мне очень интересно наблюдать за эволюцией Ваших разработок!
  10. zark

    Temp Sensing Detect...

    Я не совсем понимаю суть вопроса( Гугл переводчик это ужас для технических терминов), но экран «Новая катушка» вызывается системой при изменении сопротивления катушки более значения заданного в Escribe насколько я понимаю это системная настройка, по этому вызвать экран «Новая катушка» другими методами, без смены профиля невозможно (ИМХО)
  11. well if ive got to get a new board then i might as well have a go at fixing this one, will post up the results.
  12. puneet_july30

    Therion 166W doesnt work on windows 10 anymore?

    ok got a workaround - instead of using the escribe given on the first page of this forum, download it from evolve site and that would work -
  13. puneet_july30

    Therion 166W doesnt work on windows 10 anymore?

    was there any resolution to this issue? I am on Windows 10 and have a Triade and Drone 250c and both were not being identified by escribe. I tried different USB cables and all 4 ports on my computer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
  14. puneet_july30

    Windows 10 - Unknow Device

    Hello I am facing the same issue. Were you able to get around this issue? Thanks,
  15. All the components are placed on the board by a pick-and-place machine and are not hand soldered.... as I understand it.... I have, over the past 9 years, noticed that the Evolv folks are pretty straight shooters. 😊
  16. Thank you for assisting so fast with my logo.
  17. Last week
    Really like the color and layout of your theme. I want to add a picture into bottom of lock screen, does it need to have transparent background to look correct? And do you resize image before uploading into designer?
  18. Hi, Whilst installing my brand new 75c board I have managed to break the zif screen connector latch, I contacted Evolv who were very helpful, NOT, they gave me a link to purchase a new board. They also said it was impossible to repair. I know that is total rubbish as the zif connectors dont just magically appear on the boards. I have looked at other topics on here and searched for the part number but I am unable to find the connector in stock anywhere. Would any bottom 8 pin zif connector work as long as it has a 0.5mm pitch and the contacts on the bottom?
  19. Hi, I'm in the same situation. You found the problem, solution. Cheers
  20. dwcraig1

    does evolve fix mods

    Ask here:
  21. gwyar

    my basic theme

    I have tested this version extensively without being conspicuous - but of course I am not immune to errors ... If you notice any errors, even if the display is only flickering, please report them to me.
  22. valdozandrew

    does evolve fix mods

    does anyone know if evolve will fix my mod the screen went whit i tried fixing it myself and dont know how even if i have to pY THEM I WILL
  23. AnnaR.

    DNA 250C Error Press Up message

    so many time left, but evolv don´t fix this. 1_1_SP33_INT.sw-service is always the last version without the "Error press Up" white screen after sleep on my VTBox :(
  24. HolySodaVapors


    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

  25. Pphish

    Places to buy DNA 250c Enclosures for custom builds

    Just the enclosure or the board, wiring,etc?
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